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Get Involved

Why Should I Volunteer?

Volunteering with the Women's Center is fun, productive, and educational. People who volunteer with us form new friendships, develop as leaders and members of society, and participate in meaningful events and programs that educate others about the importance of women's issues. Plus, volunteering of any kind is a great resume-builder!

Who Can Volunteer?

Contrary to popular belief, the Women's Center isn't just for women! We welcome and accept volunteers from all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The only requirement is that our volunteers be attending Appalachian State University.

How Can I Volunteer?

Vounteers are committed "desk shift" members of our Center -aka those who sit at our front desk (PSU 110) for at least two hours per week per semester to serve as the "face" of our Center. They greet and provide resources to people who walk in the Center, log visitors in AppSync, and help with miscellaneous projects for events or programs. All Volunteers must complete Desk Shift AND TriCenter Training, which is offered at the beginning of every semester. This training includes information on how to deal with on-campus emergencies and peer counseling. ASUWC Volunteers will also have top priority in being trained as "Body Positive AppState" peer-facilitators if they wish to participate in Body Positive AppState.

Volunteer applications can be found and submitted at all year long, and are reviewed toward the end of each semester. 

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