9/4/14 Meeting Minutes

  • Anti-hazing: normally associated with Greek life but the idea was brought up to make it a part of all groups on campus and have representatives at their event/table/board. If interested in helping prevent hazing in all groups there will be meetings on September 11 &18 at 6:30 in Beacon Heights in the PSU.
  • Homecoming Committee: held a meeting after the Women's Center meeting in the WC. If interested please come to the meeting or contact Ariel Malec.
  • SGA Representatives: elected at the meeting. Congratulations Anna Glass and Katie Foster.
  • ALF Women's Leadership Track: Appalachian Leadership Forum, wants to know if we would like to sponsor a track, or speakers or give any sort of donation to help them out. A committee was created to get this event underway and we are awaiting more details from Kim Mitchell.
  • VM Director: We are looking for a VM director so if you know anyone that might be interested send them our way, an email is being sent out to the theater department already calling for directors.
  • Monthly Coffee Hour: The idea was proposed to have a coffee hour in the WC once a month to encourage dialogue about various issues and encourage more campus and community participation.
  • Daily Talk Topics: Have a topic on the whiteboard that people could come in and talk about if they felt so inclined.
  • Black Lives Matter: Silent walk for the tragedy that occurred in Ferguson. Meet at the Yosef statue onSeptember 10 at 6:00. Please feel free to bring signs or make them in the center and wear your WC shirts or a purple shirt.
  • AppSync: the new club connect (like campus facebook for clubs) is now up and running, please make sure you sign up so the school has a record of your involvement!!!
  • Feminist Coming Out Day: the name is officially being changed to Feminist Pride Day because many people felt it was belittling to the experience that the LGBT community has actually coming out.
  • Wonder Woman Film Festival: being held in November, anyone wanting to help out with that should sign up soon!!!

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