9/19/13 Meeting Minutes


The president of YesPlus at Appalachian State came to speak to the Center. YesPlus is a group that conduts workshops that deal with negative emotions and stress, attempting to answer the question, "Who am I?" YesPlus wants to make its workshops more available on campus; these workshops last for 24 hours over 5-7 days and include activities like meditation and yoga. If the University contributes $3,500, all students and Appalachian community members can participate at virtually no cost. The president asked if the Women's Center would be able to contribute money to help bring the program to ASU. We will vote on whether or not to support YesPlus at next week's meeting.


Appalachian's Fall Open House is this weekend (9/21). If you signed up for a shift, make sure you know what time your shift starts and ends and where on campus you should be.


Ariel aked the Center if they have any ideas or suggestions for legislation to bring to the Student Government Association. She also confirmed that the Women's Center is going to make a banner for homecoming and nominate a king and queen. Ryan Clay and Shelby Forsyth were voted to represent the Center at homecoming.


A non-partisan rally to protest voter suppression will be held on October 30. There is a petition in the Center that you can sign to let your voice be heard. Contact Albert in the LGBT Center or Amelia Thomas in the Women's Center if you want to get involved.


The Abigail Adams Schoarship Dinner is set for November 14th. Melanie will need help with advertising, chef recruitment, donation collection, etc. The theme this year is "Women in the Arts." Next week, a sign-up sheet will be passed around.


A former Women's Center volunteer sent a message of help concerning the recent flooding in Colorado. She asked for any assistance the Center could provide. Lindsay and Shelby are doing research and will bring up more concrete ways to help at the next meeting.


If you are on desk shift, make Post-It messages more clear. Also leaves notes for Melanie on her door or on her desk in the back office. If you don't know the answer to a question, Google it, ask another volunteer, or call other places on campus.


The Women's Center will be closed before and after Fall Break for new furniture. The Center will need to be packed up from October 1st - 9th. If you are in the Center or on desk shift during those days, ask what you can do to help organize the Center for a quick move.


If you are interested in acting in, helping set up/take down, or writing a script for this year's Tunnel of Oppression, contact Lauren Fine. For more information on the Tunnel of Oppression, click here.

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