5/1/14 Meeting Minutes


The Women's Center donated $50 to LIPS's zine for printing. Yay!


With our donation, Lyric was able to bring a famous spoken word artist to ASU for a performance.


If you can work summer hours, PLEASE let Melanie and Suzette know ASAP. They are thinkinga bout doing hour-share with MSD and the LGBT Center and they need a complete list of who will be here and who will not.


This year, our Happy Quarters went to the Vagina Monologues fund for next year to help with printing, t-shirt, and decoration costs.


If you are interested in chairing Feminist Coming Out Day (Fall), Relationship Violence Month, or Vagina Monologues Auditions (Vagina Monologues Auditions), talk to Melanie or Suzette. We're trying to get a jumpstart on next semester!


If you know you have completed over 40 hours of service at the Center, stop by and get your free t-shirt!

Thanks to all of our graduates for the talent and committment you have given to the Center over the years. We will miss you!! XOXO

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