4-24-14 Meeting Minutes


Voting for Women's Center Awards is now CLOSED. Awards will be given out during the meeting/party next week. Join us to see if you've won and cheer on our outstanding volunteers!!


FemCOD was a huge sucess, educating the masses and selling out of everything but two t-shirts. Over $400 was made for the Abigail Adams Scholarship Fund. A movement was made to have a FemCOD event in both the fall and spring semesters to replace the traditional Abigail Adams dinner event. All who attended Thursday's meeting voted YES! We will bring up the topic again next year to talk logistics about the best dates to set and what other merchandise will be offered.


The three-day movie festival will take place April 29 - May 1st in the Three-Top Mountain Room of the Student Union. Please take posters to hang around campus and tell all of your friends about the event! You can still sign up to work concessions during all three nights - just swing in the Center and find the sign-up sheet.


Our last meeting will be held this coming Thursday (May 1st) in our usual room. The first half of the meeting, we'll be discussing the usual agenda and upcoming events for next year. The second half of our meeting will be a potluck where we'll eat, socialize, and give out our Women's Center Awards! Make sure you bring something to share. We'll also be doing "love nugget" boxes so we can tell people how much we've appreciated them this year!


DESK SHIFTERS! Please sign up to work desk shifts during the week of exams. We would love to stay open, but so far, no one has signed up! If you will be here over the summer, let Suzette and Melanie know so we can discuss keeping the Center open then too.


This year, we decided to donate all of the money raised from Happy Quarters to next year's Vagina Monologues production! We can use this money to order t-shirts, posters, and decorations!

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