2/6/14 Meeting Minutes


Next week is the week of the show! Sign-ups for the contact tables and nights of the show are hanging on the whiteboards in the Center. Most slots are filled, but if you're still interested in helping, there's always something to do. If you run a contact table, you MUST be signed up with a trained desk shift volunteer who is okayed to handle money. If you volunteer the nights of the shows, please arrive at 6:00pm wearing all black. WE WILL NOT BE HAVING A MEETING NEXT WEEK BECAUSE OF THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES - come to the show instead! Invite your friends! Our goal this year is to raise $10,000!


Someone at the meeting brought up the Women's Center sponsoring the film Miss Representation on campus. She is going to look into and see if we can sponsor that viewing along with another club.


The remainer of our meeting this week was spent doing yoga with the lights dimmed. Thanks to Kelsey Butler for connecting us with an Appalachian yogi!

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