10/3/13 Meeting Minutes


The Women's Center will host a contact table in the student union on October 22nd to sell baked goods. All proceeds will benefit Naropa University, a community affected by the recent Colorado flooding, and home to a Women's Center graduate. Naropa offers counseling services and help for those impacted by the flood. Women's Center volunteers are asked to provide cookies, brownies, and other treats to sell at the bake sale. If you can't bake, sign up to run the contact table once the reservation has been made with the student union.


The Women's Center voted YES to supporting the Ignite NC campaign which is fighting the recent voter supression laws in North Carolina. The rally will take place on October 30th; if you are interested in attending, please contact Albert Lindsey in the LGBT Center. At the rally, the Women's Center has the opportunity not only to protest with NC Vote Defenders, but also promote itself via a table or booth.


The banner looks awesome! Thanks to all who helped paint.


Kelsi brought up the work of a recent artist's Stop Smiling campaign that was created in response to the every day catcalling and whistling that women receive on the street. These flyers were done by sketching women not smiling (after being told to "smile" or "take [the whistle] as a compliment"). They were posted all over the town where the artist lived to create awareness about street harassment of women. Center volunteers were receptive to the idea of doing a similar campaign in Boone, and a couple people thought that we should pair the poster campaign with an educational portion or speaker. Kelsi will bring it up in future meetings.


The Dorm Talk committee is still working with the concept of sex myths. One week during a meeting, they are going to do a mock presentation before taking the dorm talks outside of the Women's Center. They are planning on doing a talk, playing games, and offering swag bags to dorm residents. If you're interested in getting on the Dorm Talks committee, talk to Melanie or Natalie Pierzga.


Elizabeth has submitted the script for this year's Tunnel of Oppression. If you would like to read the script, email Elizabeth at mccauleyej@appstate.edu. The Tunnel will take place on November 12th from 5-10pm. If you are interested in acting, contact Elizabeth McCauley or Lauren Fine.


The VM Production Crew met Thursday at 6:15 to talk about planning for the show. They will be sending out fundraising letters and talking about merchandise soon. If you are interested in getting on the Crew, talk to Amelia Thomas, Mary Pearce, or Katie Latino.


Melanie created the following timeline for Abigail Adams:

10/3 - Begin asking faculty/staff to be chefts

10/11 - Chef forms sent out, information on women for centerpieces due

10/16 - Decorations concept proposal due (contact Ariel, Lenni, and Eileen)

10/31 - Chef forms due

11/1 - Follow-up email to chefts (contact Katie, Kurt, Amelia)

11/4-11/7 - Reminders sent out about where to bring food, reminders sent to performers, contact table set up in the student union to sell tickets


She needs help explictly with contacting chefs and performers via phone/email, running the contact table the week of the event, and setting up, serving, and taking down during the event. When you promote Abigail Adams, emphasize that the money is for the entertainment and the scholarship fund - NOT FOR THE FREE FOOD. The student union has a policy against paying for food at an event. Please remind any chef that their admission is free because of their dish. Any Women's Center volunteer does not have to pay if they bring two non-Center friends who are paying (i.e. 3 for $10) deal. Please spread the word about this important event. We're trying to raise $600!!


The Women's Center is going on a Hike to Linville Falls this Saturday 10/5 from 11am - 4pm. All those interested in coming should meet in the church parking lot behind RCOE at 11am with appropriate shoes, water, and a lunch packed. The plan is to drive to the trail, hike, eat and bond, hike back, and arrive back in Boone before dinner. Transportation is provided. For more information, contact Natalie Pierzga or Ryan Horne.


Once again, the Center will be closed October 10-21st to make way for new furniture. If you are on a committee that needs to meet or normally meets in the Center, Suzette has reserved the Linville Cavern room for that purpose. If your committee wants to meet during the Center's closing, let her know.


10/10 - The LGBT Center turns 5!!, SAGA's Amateur Drag Show

10/15 - Free HIV Testing - (If you would like to volunteer at this event, contact Maddie Majerus before 10/9)

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