1/17/14 Meeting Minutes


It's a new semester here at ASU, and we're glad to see everyone back. Be sure to say hello to our new desk shifters throughout the week!


The Center voted YES to support the Counseling Center in bringing a showing and a speaker from the Beauty Mark Campaign to Appalachian. This event is FREE and will take place in March during Social Justice week. For more information on the mission of the Beauty Mark Campaign, click here.


For our new volunteers, we went over what the Women's Center does and what events the Women's Center hosts in the spring. For details, visit the Resources page of our site.


In addition to talking about the Women's Center, we talked about the Center chairs and what each one does to aid the Center each semester. The chairs are as follows:

Membership Chair - tracks hours volunteered and awards t-shirts at 20+ hours

Social Chair - plans fun things to do outside of the Center

Media/PR Chair - creates advertising and updates all social media

Wellness Chair - gives the Center healthy tips for a sound body and mind

Historian - takes pictures of all Women's Center events and posts those pictues on the Facebook page

We will be nominating a new Historian for the spring of '14 at next week's meeting!


All of the desk shifters had a great first week! We've had tons of walk-ins, and everyone has provided help and a greeting to all our visitors.


Vagina Monologues have begun and rehearsals are underway! The cast and crew gave us a good report of what's going on. If you're interested in sitting at a contact table the week of the show (February 10-14) or helping during the nights of the show, contact Katie Latino. Sign-up sheets for help will be sent around about two weeks before the show takes place.


This Monday 1/20 at 5:00, Natalie and Ryan, our Social Chairs, will be hosting dinner and a movie night at Ryan's house off Howard Street. It's within walking distance of campus, and all are welcome! Bring a dish to share with everyone.


Women's History Month, Feminist Coming Out Day, and Women of Influence are all coming up this semester! If you or someone you know is interested in heading up a committe, come to the meeting next week! Also, brainstorm ways to reinvent these events so that we can have maximum attendance.


This week we also discussed bringing the Wonder Woman documentary to campus, celebrating female farmers in Boone in some way, and educating more people about Title IX. If you feel passionate about any of these topics, contact Melanie so we can get the ball rolling.

See you next week!

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