1/15/15 Meeting Minutes

  • Melanie (graduate assistant) not in Boone Monday-Wednesday mornings
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • MLK Challenge 8am-6pm: Sign up online
    • Usher for Julian Bond event: 1/23 @ 5:30 in Schafer Center; volunteers should email melanieweast@gmail.com by Wed. 1/21 if interested.
  • Delta Sig: Sexual Assault Awareness Week: 2/2, 2/3, 2/4
    • Contact tables during the week (10am-2pm): Please email melanieweast@gmail.com if interested in sitting at a contact table to advertise nightly events.
    • Interest in helping plan a panel discussion on sexual assault: email melanieweast@gmail.com if interested.
  • “Selma” film screening in solidarity on Saturday 1/17 at 7:06pm at Boone Regal Cinemas
  • Keep on your radar: Break the Silence Panel (in April) and Feminist Pride Day (in April)

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