Volunteering 101

 Volunteering varies within every organization, so here is some information about Who can volunteer, Reasons Why we Volunteer, and How YOU can Volunteer.

Who Can Volunteer at the ASU Women's Center?

  • Everyone! Being a Women's Center does not mean we exclude people who are not women. We accept everyone regardless of their gender identity and expression. The Women's center does not support a particular political party or religion, which means our volunteers are welcome to come to us from all walks of life with no discrimination. We hold a few simple beliefs that we expect all volunteers to hold also: Committment, responsibility, dedication, professionalism, and open-mindedness. These are all valuable qualities of Women's Center Volunteers. Since we are the only fully volunteer-run Women's Center in North Carolina we expect everyone to have fun while keeping the goals of the women's center in mind. 

Reasons Why we Volunteer

  • Experiences had by women's center volunteers vary depending on the level of involvement with the center. Generally there are a few reasons that exist for everyone regardless of the time they can spend to help.
    • Volunteering is fun!
      • Volunteering with the center means developing friendships with people who share a love for women's issues and for volunteering.
      • Volunteers are welcome to participate in a mentor/mentee program where why will be personally guided in how to run of the center.
      • Social events occur all througout the semester where volunteers gather for movie nights, dinner potlucks, and more.
      • Fun Fact! Volunteers who join the center often stay with the center until graduation.
      • Volunteers are given numerous opportunities to give back to the community in Boone and around the country with numerous events
    • Volunteering advances my resume!
      • Volunteering is a worthwhile experience that employers will appreciate.
      • Volunteering reveals that you are a diverse person with group-oriented goals.
    • Volunteering enables me to be a better educated person!
      • Volunteering in the center can give you numerous opportunities to learn about/access resources available to people in Boone.
      • Being knowledgeable about issues enables you to make better, well-informed decisions.
      • Knowing and understanding new information relating to Women's Issues will enable you to be a better resource for friends and family as well as your classmates. 

How can I volunteer?

  • All volunteers will typically submit a volunteer application online or in the center.
  • Volunteers can then become a desk shift volunteer, or select other methods if desk shifts aren't your thing.
  • Volunteers typically attend, but are NOT required to attend weekly meetings held in the New River room of the Plemmons Student Union from 5:00-6:00 every Thursday. 
    • For volunteers who can not make it to Women's Center meetings we send out emails and will post 'Weekly Scoops" with information from our meetings.


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